With a commanding voice and remarkable melodic sensibilities, Laura Reznek makes music that is at once haunting and uplifting. Her songs offer an intimate look into the surreal world formed of memories by the restless mind, often needing little more than the dexterous flow of fingers across a piano to transform the raw material of a single human life into an expression of consciousness’ inherent uncertainty. Not conforming to the trappings of any single genre, Laura’s music is well aware of the vast Western canon upon whose shoulders it stands; listen closely and you will hear subtle homages to everything from mid-century cool jazz, blues, and gospel to modern folk and experimental pop. With such respect for tradition embedded in the music itself, Laura is able to flout modern musical norms in the framing of her live performances: you are more likely to find her playing in a bookshop, bell tower, or canal boat than in a dark bar room, to see her sharing the stage with poets and chamber quartets than with folk musicians. Currently based in Vancouver Canada, Laura’s next single You Are Bad will be released spring of 2019 on Terrified Swan Records



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