There are lots of exciting things in the works with Gigbloc, an exiting new app that launched last month and is attempting to bring local live music back into being an important part of everyone's lives, to make it easier for artists and venues to connect, and to get artists paid - something that is always quite the struggle. It's early days yet, but I have so much faith in this endeavour and the two lovely founders. In addition to being their 'social media person', I also get to work with them (along with Tom Price-Stephens and Amy Gillespie) on putting together a beautiful spring event at St. Pancras Old Church - keep Friday April 29th open for all you London based folks! (Also will be the maiden voyage of the new Laura Reznek musical troupe...including drummer-turned-banker-turned-drummer again Adam Loats, and bassist Ronald Mass (Paper Wolf, Jaya), as well as violinist Lisa Petersen all the way from Copenhagen! Stay tuned for many more details - and take Gigbloc's advice and #HearYouCity and support your local live music scene!