EP and Tour

In exactly one week I'll be releasing a new EP entitled Now Who Owns The Night. This past Saturday I had what I'm pretty sure was my favourite show in Vancouver in which we had a little pre-release celebration. Put on by Terrified Swan Records, it was a night of music without words (the Accidental String Quartet), words without music (poetry from Ellie Sawatsky and Erin Kirsh), and then myself which a choir full of beautiful angels (Roisin Adams, Emily Best, Caro Deady, Gina Loes, Bronwyn Malloy, and Ellie Sawatsky again), guitar from Sam Romero and violin from Lisa Petersen.

This time tomorrow I'll be on a plane across the pond to embark on a wee tour around Europe for a month. Getting over our jet lag in England for a few days, Sam Lynch, Alexandria Maillot and I will head to Amsterdam on Monday and go from there. Keep up with us over all the socials - we have a three-seater van, a cool playlist, and some really fun gigs booked and we're excited to show you where we'll go!