Ye Olde (mini) Spring Tour

April 29th marks a year since that wonderful day when I arrived on the shores of England, and what a year it has been thus far. It just so happens that I'm spending this night playing at one of the most beautiful venues in town with two of my favourite musicians Tom Price-Stephens and Amy Gillespie, unveiling my new band, playing new tunes, and reflecting on all of the crazy, exciting things that have happened in the past 365 days (whoops -'s a leap year! Happy February 29th!) 

April also brings a few more exciting adventures - the first week will take me back to France for some music making in Paris and Reims...and during the last week I'm pulling one of my dearest friends, Lisa Petersen, out of her Danish classes in her new home of Copenhagen to join me on a little busking adventure/mini-tour of the in any of these places? Come pay us a visit!

21.04.16 - The Marwood - Brighton

25.04.16 - LEAF - Liverpool

26.04.16 - The Bristol Fringe - Bristol

27.04.16 - The Whiskey Jar - Manchester

29.04.16 - St Pancras Old Church - London 

Looking forward to seeing you on the road, stay tuned with updates about our adventures!